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Seniors & People with Medical Needs

Medical needs preparedness

As a senior or person with medical needs, there are a few extra things to consider in an emergency. 

During a hurricane

Sheltering in Place as a senior or person with medical needs

  • Be prepared for power outages, high heat, and closed businesses. That includes pharmacies and doctor’s offices.
  • If you need power for medical equipment, create a Smart911 profile and indicate your needs in the medical section. 
  • Read more about sheltering in place.


  • Stay with friends or family if you can. Shelters should be the last option for the elderly and people with medical needs.
  • If you can’t evacuate on your own because of medical needs, you might be eligible to be picked up from your home. Create a Smart911 profile and indicate your needs in the medical section. When evacuation resources are available, City officials will let you know.
  • Read more about evacuating.

During a boil water advisory

During extreme heat

More resources

Create a Smart911 profile

Smart911 helps the City know who might need extra help during an emergency, and integrates with the City emergency alert system. Everyone should have a Smart911 profile with details about your household and medical needs. It's especially important to fill out the medical information section if you:  

  • Use life support systems, like oxygen, a respirator, a ventilator, dialysis, a pacemaker, or are insulin dependent
  • Have trouble walking, moving around, or have a prosthesis
  • Are blind, deaf, hard of hearing, or have trouble seeing
  • Have speech, developmental, or mental health disabilities
  • Use service animals

Create a profile now:

Sign up online or call 3-1-1

If you can’t sign up on your own, a family member, caregiver, or friend can register for you.

Read more about the City alert system and integration with Smart911.