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Hurricane Zeta Updates


Oct 31
11:03 AM
Hurricane Zeta

City of New Orleans Provides Update on Hurricane Zeta Clean Up and Recovery Efforts

Today, the City of New Orleans provided an update on a phased-approach for cleanup and recovery efforts following Hurricane Zeta, which includes garbage and recycling collection; roadway, park and playground cleanup; as well as emergency debris removal. Public safety is our priority; residents are reminded to use extreme caution around debris and to report downed trees or limbs in the public right-of-way to 311.

Phase 1 – Garbage and Recycling (Ongoing)

Regularly scheduled garbage and recycling collections continue for those properties that are eligible for these City services.  Residents are advised to adhere to the following household solid waste guidelines:

HOUSEHOLD SOLID WASTE (these are items for pickup during regularly scheduled collections)

  • Trash/garbage (place items in bags before placing in carts) and recycling carts
  • Bulky waste -second collection day (Wednesdays in the French Quarter/DDD) only: Up to six bags of leaves and up to six secured bundles of tree limbs cut in lengths of 4’ or less and less than 12” in diameter. See for complete bulky waste collection guidelines

Phase 2 – Roadway Clearing (Underway)

The Departments of Parks and Parkways; Sanitation; Public Works; The Mosquito, Termite, and Rodent Control Board; and the Louisiana National Guard continue to clear streets, parks and playgrounds as well as remove items from major thoroughfares. In the last 72 hours, there have been more than 800 tree emergencies, over 200 downed Entergy poles, and hundreds of traffic light issues reported.

Phase 3 – Emergency Debris Removal (Begins Friday, Nov. 6, following Phase 2)

The City of New Orleans has activated its emergency debris removal contracts to assist with post storm-related cleanup. To allow residents additional time to organize debris and ensure safety during collection, removals will begin on Friday, Nov. 6 once roadway clearing activity has been completed.

Residents are advised to adhere to the following storm debris guidelines.


CONSTRUCTION DEBRIS (excludes materials containing asbestos or creosote-treated lumber)

  • drywall
  • lumber
  • plywood
  • pipe
  • shingles
  • carpet
  • furniture
  • mattresses


  • branches
  • leaves and grass
  • logs

HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCES (white goods and doors must be secured and compressors removed)

  • refrigerators/freezers
  • washers/dryers
  • water heaters
  • stoves, ovens and dishwashers
  • air conditioning units


  • Debris must be placed between the sidewalk and the curb for removal by the City or its contractors.
  • Avoid placement of storm debris waste under or on power lines, near trees, utility poles/boxes, fire hydrants, behind parked cars or on neutral grounds.
  • Only debris resulting from Hurricane Zeta is eligible for removal by the City’s emergency debris removal contractors.
  • Any work done by contractors is ineligible for debris removal services by the City or its contractors
  • Commercial properties and properties serviced by private trash contracts are ineligible to receive bulk waste collection or debris removal services by the City or its contractors.
  • Trees on private property are the responsibility of the property owner

Visit for updated information on Hurricane Zeta response.