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Partners in Preparedness

Partners in Preparedness

The last few years have proved to be hazard heavy in New Orleans, including the COVID-19 pandemic and Hurricane IDA, these hazards have proved the importance of making a plan. After a disaster, New Orleans businesses and institutions face many challenges to reopen.  According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), more than 40% of businesses never reopen after a disaster, and for those that do, only 29% were still operating after two years.

NOLA Ready is launching the Partners in Preparedness program to engage and support New Orleans small business owners, employers, and their employees in preparing for emergencies. After a disaster it can be challenging for businesses to reopen and stay open. Our workplace and coworkers are not only important to our financial security, but also contribute significantly to support networks. Through Partners in Preparedness, NOLA Ready hopes to ease recovery and celebrate businesses for developing a culture of preparedness.


NOLA Ready welcomes partners from all industries - including education, business, faith-based, health care; hospitality and service, arts and entertainment, community organizations, non-profits, and government - to join our mission and foster a culture of resilience.

introducing staylocal's b.alert system for business owners

StayLocal’s B.Alert 2-way text communication system will enable businesses to share information in the immediate aftermath of a major weather event about their status, including temporarily revised hours of operation and payment systems, as well as goods and services they can provide.

If you own a business and would like to stay connected during weather events, including the 2023 hurricane season, please sign up:

What are the benefits of becoming a Partner?

ALL partners receive the Partners in Preparedness SEAL and CERTIFICATE. Display your seal or certificate on your social media accounts, on your webpage, or on your business or organization's wall to show your commitment to preparedness.

  • Timely & focused emergency information
  • Free preparedness brochures and emergency information
  • Recognition of a commitment to preparedness
  • Access to other partners through special Partners in Preparedness events

Note: the seal does not represent approval of business continuity plans; however, it does demonstrate the commitment to preparedness. Additionally joining Partners in Preparedness does not influence your re-entry tier.

What is the purpose of the Partners in Preparedness seal?

Partners receive the Partners in Preparedness seal, which can be displayed on an organization's intranet, website or printed materials to show its commitment to preparedness. Note: the seal does not represent approval of business continuity plans; however, it does demonstrate the commitment to preparedness.

How much does the partnership cost?

Nothing! It is completely free to be a partner.

How do I join Partners in Preparedness?

To become a Partner in Preparedness, complete the tasks below that are designed to better prepare you, your business, and your employees. There are 5 steps, in step 1 you must complete both tasks, but in steps 2-5 you only need to complete one task.  Collect proof of completion by taking pictures, screenshots, and/or through copies of forms.

Submit your application with proof of completion here.

Step 1: Stay Connected


  • Encourage employees and volunteers to sign up for NOLA Ready alerts via email or a platform relevant to your business.

Step 2: Get Prepared


  • Set up a preparedness display promoting personal preparedness for employees and volunteers.  NOLA Ready will provide informational material to display.


Step 3: Keep Your Plan Current

  • Identify and notify essential personal for emergencies & continuity functions. 


  • Check-in with your vendors and suppliers to make sure you mutually understand plans in the event of an emergency.  


  • Review your insurance policies and keep them updated. 

Step 4: Share Information


  • Place your emergency plan, contact tree, or essential personnel list on your website for your employees and volunteers to access. 

Step 5: Test Your Plan


  • Run through a scenario/ tabletop exercise with your essential employees.


  • Plan what you will do if your building, plant, or store is not accessible. Schedule a work-from-home day or other method to test your business continuity practices.

Submit your application with proof of completion here.

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