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The City of New Orleans

Plan for Emergencies

Neighborhood & Faith Organizations

As a neighborhood or faith leader, you can help your community members prepare for emergencies.

Spread the word

Before, during, and after an emergency, help disseminate information to people in your network. Go door-to-door, talk to people at your church, use social media. As a community leader, you are a trusted voice. Sign up for emergency alerts and preparedness information from NOLA Ready so that you stay in the know.

Control rumors

False information can be dangerous during an emergency. Help people in your networks understand what is and is not accurate. and 311 are your trusted sources for information from the City of New Orleans.

Link people & resources

After an emergency, volunteers and donations tend to flow in. Help coordinate with volunteer organizations to ensure resources are getting to those who need them, because you know your community best.

Get emergency training

Consider additional training like CPR, First Aid, or Community Emergency Response Training. You can gain additional skills to respond to an emergency in your community. Request a training from NOLA Ready.

Improve your organization's emergency preparedness with these resources.

Learn about hazards

Improve your security & emergency plans

Houses of worship and community organizations have sadly been targets of mass shootings and acts of terrorism across the country. Learn how to improve your organization's security and emergency plans.

Connect with the NOLA Ready team

We'd love to work directly with your house of worship or your community organization. Please contact us at or 504-658-8700.