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Stay Connected


Stay Connected

Think about all the connections you make each day. In an emergency, you’ll use your connections to stay informed, communicate, and help those around you.

Connected in Library

Know what's happening during hurricane season, and throughout the year too.

Follow NOLA Ready alerts

Sign up to receive NOLA Ready emergency alerts to your phone or email. Follow NOLA Ready on twitter and facebook

Communicate with us

If you're a senior or someone with medical needs, sign up for our special needs registry. Call 911 in an emergency and 311 for information or to request City services.

Keep up with the news

Stay posted on what's going on through your favorite newspaper, radio, or TV program.

Connect with your loved ones, so you can get in touch when you need to.

Know your people

Write down the contact information of your family and friends. Make a plan to contact them in an emergency.

Leverage your social media

In an emergency, you might use these networks to communicate with your loved ones. Not online? Consider using social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Nextdoor.

In an emergency, your neighbors could be the first to help. Link up with your community now and get ready together.

Check out community organizations near you. We're listing a few below.