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Mardi Gras

Permit Information

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Mardi Gras offers economic opportunities for residents and businesses. But, be sure you're following all rules and regulations to avoid enforcement. Bureau of Revenue field agents and collectors will be canvassing around parade routes to ensure businesses and vendors are properly permitted. 

Get permits from the City of New Orleans.

Event Permits

Permits are required for the following activities:

Applicants must email application forms and required documentation to

Fixed Location Vendor Permits

A Mardi Gras Fixed Location Vendor permit is for vendors during Mardi Gras with a fixed location such as a truck or trailer. Unless a Food Truck Permit holder also obtained a Mardi Gras Fixed Location Vendor permit, no food trucks are allowed within two blocks of a parade route, from two hours before the parade starts until two hours after the parade has passed any part of the route. 

Please note additional 2024 requirements listed HERE.

Review Mardi Gras Procedures Guide for more information. 

Mardi Gras Walkers Permits

A Mardi Gras Walker permit is for vendors during Mardi Gras without a fixed location and who sell novelties (a small, inexpensive toy, ornament and piece of jewelry or trinket that is treasured for the memories associated with Mardi Gras) or pre-packaged food.

toy guns, Silly string, snap pops, and stink bombs are prohibited sales items. 

Review the Mardi Gras Procedures and Mardi Gras Guide for more information.