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Families & Children

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Talk to your kids about what to do during an emergency. It can make a big difference.

Make a family emergency plan

  • Go over what to do during emergencies that could happen in New Orleans.
  • Plan a meeting spot in case you get separated during an emergency. 
  • Pick the same person for everyone to call, text, or email.
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Know the emergency plans at your kids' school or daycare 

  • Ask about emergency plans for evacuation and early closing.
  • Keep the school's contact information with you.
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As a family with children, there are a few extra things to consider during an emergency.

During a hurricane

Sheltering in place as a family

  • Storms can be scary for children. Talk to your family about what’s happening, and keep games and toys on hand to entertain. 
  • Remember, the power might go out. Plan games and activities that don't need electricity. 
  • Read more about sheltering in place.

Evacuating as a family

  • During a mandatory evacuation, estimate that it will take 4 times longer than usual to get to your destination by car.
  • Bring toys and games to entertain your kids.
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View the New Orleans Breast Feeding Center's infant feeding tips during disaster

During a boil water advisory

During extreme heat

During mosquito season