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Hurricane Zeta Updates

Nov 12
4:50 PM
Hurricane Zeta

City Offers Job & Subcontracting Opportunities with Post-Weather Event Debris Removal, Monitoring Contractors

The City of New Orleans reminds residents and businesses of job and subcontracting opportunities with debris removal contractors DRC Emergency Services and Ceres Environmental. These services may be utilized after major weather events. Subcontracting opportunities with these companies for hauling tons of storm debris are available now.

Contractors must adhere to all City, State and Federal guidelines and regulations. Certificates of Insurance in amounts of $1 million general liability, $1 million workers' compensation and $1 million automobile are required upon activation of a debris removal subcontract. Other contractual obligations will be required.

Large-scale debris removal requires heavy equipment such as dump trucks, self-dumping trailers, roll-off containers (minimum load capacity of 18 cubic yards) and loading equipment, such as skid steers, tele-handlers, self-loaders, versa-loaders, front-end loaders, excavators and bulldozers. Both companies utilize an online application process.

DRC Emergency Services:

For additional assistance and information email or call (504) 482-2848.

CERES Environmental:

Any certifications such as DBE, SBA, etc. should be emailed to

The City’s debris removal monitoring contractor, Witt O’Brien’s, oversees the work of DRC and Ceres. Access their online application by emailing

The City is committed to offering residents opportunities to participate in the recovery of the city should a severe weather event occur.